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Years of Being Curious

Opening day for the ten year exhibition at Curious Art Gallery. Artists and visitors mingled amongst the food,champangne and art to celebrate Ten years of being Curious.

The Gallery has attracted over 50 artists at various times as members of the Cooperative and held over 70 exhibitions. Gallery manager, Michael Bryant raised the question during his floor talk:
"What then have been the Top Ten Exhibitions for Curious Art?" The following seemed to unanimously be accepted.

1. The Birth of Curious - The lights dimmed. Art was revealed. Curious was born.
2. Iconic - Choose an artist and run with it. Miss Prissy's World was created from this.
3. The 4th Dimension - An exhibition through 3D glasses
4. Curious Kids - This initiative became such a popular exhibition theme that since 2004 it has been held every year.
5. The Tsunami Appeal exhibition - Disaster in S.E. Asia and every cent helps.
6. Stricky Taboo - Sex, Religion and Politics - Nothing sold. No comments. Nothing spoken.
A great success! It achieved all expectations.
7. Twins - Two different people will produce two different perspectives from the same composition.
8. The 6th Edition - In Memory of Margaret P. Deane. - A mainstay of the Arts scene in the Tweed Heads region.
9. Upon the Naked Sand - Exhibitions for other Artists - This initiative encourages non member artists to submit proposals to use Wall + web space. Several exhibitions have been held by other art groups and individuals.
10.? Time will reveal all...

Art, artists and visitors from the exhibition

Weeping Fig by Caz McDougall

Weeping Fig by Caz McDougall

Sustainability - Acrylic on Canvas by Tracy Hurley

Sustainability - acrylic on canvas 50cm x 60cm
A visually stimulating and futuristic work by Tracy Hurley

Tree - Acrylic on canvas by founding Curious member Libby Mills

Tree - Acrylic on canvas by Libby Mills

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The exhibition TEN

was clearly one of the top ten exhibitions help by the Gallery.
A milestone for the Curious Art Cooperative.
Curious Art has held over 70 themed exhibitions and attracted over 50 artists from various locations within the Tweed Shire + beyond during the last 10 years.

The objectives are clear:

Before the ten year exhibition TEN concludes…  some comments from crowd.

There were lots of other great comments and likes from blogs and social media sites like Facebook about the exhibition and artworks exhibited.

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