Comments from the some of the students

Beginner Class Student
"I feel like I achieved something.

Today it was magic thank you"
Doreen Parker- Enrolled in Beginner/Intermediate 2012

CDP - Master Class Student
"Learning a lot.

Loving this course. The location shoots are my favourite."
Clare Bryant.- Completed Beginner/Advanced/MasterClass 2012
Completed CDP Super Session "A Day uin the Life" February 2013
Completed CDP Super Session "A Day uin the Life" February 2015


CDP - Student from Advanced Class - photo by Michael Bryant
"My first photography workshop.

Have found it very interesting and I'm gaining valuable information to help me. Tracy and Michael are certainly very helpful and I like the way they organise and prepare each session. Well done! Keep it up! Also loving the outdoor photo locations."
Irene Brinsmead
Completed Beginner/Advanced/MasterClass 2012
Has enrolled for the one day CDP Super Session February 2013

Night shoot by Steve Barrett

"I shoot everything in Manual now..even without flash!"

I recently took part in an 8 week Photography course conducted by CURIOUS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, at their exhibition showroom situated on the Tweed river in Cudgen. The course was aimed at the beginner / to intermediate level of photography knowledge. After having enjoyed photography for many years,

I found I was starting to lose my enthusiasm, simply because I didn’t know how to properly use the camera to its potential. I felt I could achieve reasonable to good composition and settings though I could not understand how I would take one good image and then the next two or three were not so good….How did I get that good shot??… for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out.

I was fortunate to have two great mentors / instructors in Michael and Tracy,…who shed the light and understanding in a very casual atmosphere with surrounding art works. Each lesson / session had a structured format which I found to be very interesting and exciting, each weekly session had an integrated progression to the next.

The focus for each weekly session was on particular principle of photography. From both Michael and Tracy’s unique quality in knowledge, skills and understanding, I was able to find the light from the knowledge I gained from them to put me on track again. My enthusiasm for photography is back,… my photography is better than ever. I shoot everything in Manual now, even without a flash in some of the most remote dark areas.

I enjoyed the 8 weeks session so much I’ve listed myself now for next year’s more advanced course which starts in February.

For anybody who wants to take a new approach to photography and just learn to take a photo and be happy with it, these guys will do it for you. They apply the principles of art and take it through to the photography which was very enjoyable. Nice people too.
Thanks heaps I’ll be seeing you in the New Year."

Steve Barrett
Completed Beginner/Intermediate Session Four 2012
Completed Definitive (formely Advanced) 2013

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