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February 2016to July 2017

Jungle Justice - concludes April 2016

Shades In Bewteen - concludes June 2016

After Picasso: Inner Sight - concludes 24th July 2016

October 2016 to January 2017

The Italian Connection - Featuring perepectives of an Italian sojourn from Rome to Milan, via Tuscany and Venice.
Featured artist is one of the founding Curious Artist's, Michael Bryant.


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Featured Artists in Exhibitions for 2016

Dianne Smith
Michael Bryant

Curious Art has held over 80 exhibitions over the last fifteen years.
The 2014 anniversary exhibition defined yet another milestone exhibition shown in the Gallery.

The Dream Makers of Curious Art - Vanessa Bryant Libby Mills and Michael Bryant

Some of the early Dream Makers of Curious Art
Vanessa Bryant Michael Bryant and Libby Mills
(Left to Right)


From a conversation to a living entity.

During the winter of 2000 Vanessa Bryant Michael Bryant and Libby Mills had a dream: Gather a group of artistically minded individuals together and form an art movement just like they used to do way back in the late 18th and early 19th Century.

By Septemeber 2001 the dream was realized. Over twenty artists came together and Curious Art Cooperative was formed, registered and opened their own art gallery space in Chinderah, NSW near Kingscliff.

TEN - exhibition opening

The opening for the exhibition TEN in 2011 was celebrated by artists and visitors. It was unnamiously voted in as one of the top ten art exhibitions held by the Gallery.