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International Year of Cooperatives
F.A.Q. about stating an Art Cooperative.

Please note that Curious Art Cooperative was formed in the state of NSW, Australia, 2001.

However the principles and FAQ of Art Coops apply universally. 2012 will mark the year proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations as the International Year of Cooperatives.

Q. Who do I contact about forming a Coop?

A. In NSW: The Dept of Fair Trading. In other states of Australia, contact the state organization that handles all business registrations. They will mail out the necessary forms or you can download them online.

In NSW the link is <> Dept of Fair Trading

Q. How many artist's will we need to start a Coop?

A. In NSW: The current rules state you need a minimum of 5 active members to establish a Coop. For other state and other countries check with local government departments that handle business registrations.

Q. How much money/capital will we need?

A. That will depend upon several factors. Research local commercial rentals. Explain the purpose is of this venture is community based and (if your coop will be non-trading, usually a small cooperative ) it is a not for for profit organization. They can be the MAGIC door opener words.

There are many individuals who often help community based groups by either a reduction in rent or at least for the first 6 to 12 months. You also have strength in numbers. In our own experience we located suitable space through one of the artists, who knew a friend of a friend. We are in the same location 10 years later!

Your group will most definitely need a realistic budget, both for your group and the Registry of Cooperatives requires one before approval. Budget for the worst case scenario with rent and ALL other monthly overhead costs down to the coffee and sugar.

Q. How does the Coop run.

A. An Art Coop is an Art Gallery run by Artists.

One fantastic aspect of a Coop is that is run on a voluntary basis. NO WAGES! The law requires that there are appointed my the members a minimum of three Directors, a C.E.O./Manager and a Secretary.

The C.E.O is responsible for the smooth day to day running of the Coop and report every three months to the Directors. They are responsible for the financial oversight and approve new member applications to the Coop. However the Cooperative is ultimately controlled by the individual members. Every member works in the Coop. The Manager will set up a weekly shift roster.

Q. Who can become a member of the Art Coop?

A. Any person can apply for membership. Each application is reviewed by the Board of Directors with no bias given to racial, social or religious backgrounds. However, the board can for other reasons decline an application. In our own experience, we have to carefully review all applications and interview the person, preferably with at least one other director.

The person applying really needs to understand joining a Art Cooperative is not just a way to have their art exhibited, wait for it to sell and pick up the cheque! It does not work that way. The person needs to be fully committed to becoming an active part of the Cooperative.

This involves, setting up exhibitions, working there, attending opening night/day exhibitions. If the Coop intends to charge a weekly member fee, are they able to meet the financial obligations.( a good idea unless someone has donated sufficient start up capital)

Q. Who can I talk to about other questions our group has?

A. The NSW Registry of Cooperatives was extremely helpful when we started our Coop in 2001. They have a free call number : 1800 502 042. You can also contact Curious Art Cooperative and we would be more than happy to talk or meet with your group representative or the whole group if convenient. The manager of Curious Art has spoken to educational groups on a number of occasions and fielded many referrals from the NSW Registry of Cooperatives about how to start a an Art Cooperative.

Q. How do I join an art Cooperative if I don't want to be involved in setting one up?

A. Visit or call the Art Gallery Cooperative. Ask questions. They can print up applications forms for you to read and if you are still serious about it fill in and give to the Gallery.
Once that happens you will need to talk with the Directors to see if the application is approved.

E Contact Curious Art Gallery

Phone :: 0266 745340

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