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Curious Art Movement

Now in it's 16th year! Artists are wanted to join the longest standing artists cooperative in the Tweed Shire.
(that we know of!)
Call into the Gallery at Chinderah, NSW or drop us an email to find out how you can become part of Curious Art.

Curious Art celebrated thireteen years of being Curious in 2014 with a September exhibition aptly entitled Milestone

Art Exhibition for Spetember 2014 image

Curious Art is a progressive art movement and we invite you to learn more about our journey and you can become an active part of our Cooperative

Structure of the Gallery

In May 2001 Curious Art minus zero no limits Cooperative Ltd
was formed. A cooperative structure enables people to come together to achieve common goals and ideals. It is not company driven with an inherent need to maximize profits.

The Cooperative serves as a vehicle for member artists to
exhibit work in a creative Gallery environment with a primary focus to empower artists to develop professionally.

As a voluntary organization the success and progression is dependant on the commitment of each member artist. An elected Board of Directors manages the financial aspects of with the day to day business of the Cooperative cared for by
a General Manager also elected from within the Cooperative.

All member artists volunteer their time, resources and skills to provide and promote a sustainable asset contributing a unique cultural dimension, locally and beyond.

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Application to join Cooperative (PDF)
(For security purposes you will need to sign/e- signature and post/email to: The Secretary
Curious Art Gallery
E: Curious Art Gallery
94a Chinderah Bay Dr. Chinderah Bay NSW 2487
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Curious Art first meeting At Kingscliff Hotel 2001

Visitors to the Art Gallery can expect to view an eclectic mix of both traditional and contemporary artforms. Landscapes of nearby Mt Warning to an empty set of painted drawers. Surreal digital media to Frangipani's. Abstract contemporary to personal installation space.

Beautifully framed artworks to an oil painting on a road sign that someone walks into the Gallery and falls in love with and simply must have...

The Curious Artists all come from diverse backgrounds with their own styles in art. What ties them together is a shared commitment and passion for art.

We are the Curious family and as the story goes...it just gets curiouser and curiouser...