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From the beginning and past years...

Listed are artists who were founding members. Those who were there at the beginning. In the summer of 2000 expressions of interests were sent to artists in the Tweed Shire and beyond. Soon more followed.

Brett Coomber arrived first at the Kingscliff Hotel Beer Garden on a hot summer afternoon in January 2001.
No one knew who would come or how many.

Within half an hour over 20 people showed up.
Art workers looking for a home. Artists will a passion for their art and wanting to get it out there.

By September of that year Curious Art launched "The Birth of Curious" with the opening of the Gallery.

The rest is history with nearly 50 different artists becoming involved with Curious Art Cooperative Ltd. and holding over 80 new exhibitions from 2001 to the current time.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the curious art movement.
It is a dream realized not just a memory...it is a work in progress!

If you are one of the past Curious Artists and you now have a website get in touch and we will provide a reciprocal link.

Libby Mills, East Writer, Ness Bryant, Michael Bryant and Larraine Bryant would spend weekends together 'getting creative' painting, drawing, writing, talking...

"Let's get serious and open our own Gallery!"
East Writer made this now famous remark during one of the late night art weekends. They had a vision, they had a dream. Curious Art was really conceived on that historic night. Thanks East!

It was once said 'if you build it they will come.' They soon did.

Past artists...

Gail Collins, Annie Higgins, Brett Coomber, Caz McDougall, Cathy Edwards, Darryl Leniart, Sharon Arcus, David Hancock, Adelle Hollywood, Siimon Berry, Lorraine Abernethy, Debra Edwards.
Rachel Bryant, John Gardiner, Camille Bryant, Danny McGirr, Tash Buchanan. Joanne Cutler, Joscelin Davis, Michael Borton, Michael Borton, Gillian Buttress-Grove, Margaret P. Deane, Ian Trafford-Walker, Leisa O'Brien, Allan Reed, Carolyn Talyor, Jason Rice, Margaret-Louise Scott, Debbie Wray, Patricia Mitchell, Justin Ikstrums, Kath Ackland, Alison Pomroy, Natalie Self, Karen Scour, Iqbal Khan, Jenny Sayer.

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