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Past Exhibitions

Curious Art held the first art exhibition in the renovated Art Deco building in September 2001.

It was titled the Birth of Curious and the Gallery was packed to the rafters. To everyones suprise the walls were covered with white sheets. Where was the promised art?

The lights went off. A still and darkness filled the Gallery.A slow chant began..The Birth of Curious...the birth of curious
The lights went on and the walls were filled with raw,fresh, evocative art. Applause replaced the silence.

It was a significant moment in the history of Art in the Kingscliff and Tweed area. Nothing like before or since. The Curious Art movement was born.

Some of the more significant exhibitions since the beginning.

Curious emotions

This was on of the more theatrical exhibitions aptly entitled
"Curious Emotions" held in the winter of 2003.

Artists, Debra Edwards and Gail Collins emotionally react to the opening speech by another Curious Artist, Alison Pomroy.
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